ADATB x KCON 2016 (PCs, Stickers, Grab Bags, and more!)

Going to KCON and want some fan-made goods to add to your collection? Well, look no further! ADATB will be at KCON once again, and I have an exciting project for all of you to participate in.

I’ll be selling: photo card sets (some which come with free charms or stickers), grab bags, stickers, and more at the venue!

None of these will be up for pre-orders. Everything is sold at the LA Convention Center, so announcements about my specific location will be revealed on Twitter on the day(s) of KCON!

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ADATB’s Monthly Playlist :: June 2016’s Top 10

What better way to start off the summer than with great music? I’m here for another Top 10, this time for my favorite month of the year, June! A lot of groups had comebacks in June, and even more will come back in July.

Groups like EXO, SISTAR, U-KISS, and more had comebacks this month, and there have also been a handful of debuts, with new talents Gugudan joining the K-pop scene. I’ll share my top 10 picks with you, and let me know if there are any songs you have for your top 10!

10. “Ah Ha” by SS301

Album: Estreno

Commentary: If you’re a fan of some old-school K-pop, this is the song for you. SS301 just released their special mini album, “Estreno,” to celebrate SS501’s 11th Anniversary! “Ah Ha” is upbeat, fun, catchy, and just straight-up addicting. Once you listen to it once, you’ll be dancing and singing along to it the next time it comes on. It’s a mixture of modern K-pop music with its dance element, but also reminiscent of an older style that suits them really well. Aside from the chorus, my favorite part is the climax of the song, where the members showcase their impressive vocals by singing in high tones. Check it out!

Music Video:

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Crash Course! :: Get to Know the KCON 2016 LA Lineup

Want to get to know the lineup for KCON 2016 LA to prepare yourself for the event? Want to check out some songs from the performers but don’t know where to start? Have no fear—I’m here to educate you about the star-studded lineup.

In this Crash Course, I’ll be briefly introducing the artists to you and making a list of the songs and music videos you should check out before the concert.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll fall in love with an artist you never expected to! Feel free to share this with your friends!

KCON 2016 LA Lineup

Saturday (July 30): SHINee, Block B, GFRIEND, DEAN, CNBLUE, I.O.I, Amber

Sunday (July 31): BTS, TWICE, Monsta X, TTS, Astro, Eric Nam

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Artist Spotlight! # 1 🌟 UNIQ


Debut Date: October 20, 2014

Agency: Yuehua Entertainment


The first artist spotlight is… UNIQ! I’ll be introducing you to one of my favorite groups, UNIQ, who is a 5-member boy group under Yuehua Entertainment. They debuted in 2014 with “Falling in Love,” and their most recent album was “EOEO” in 2015. Let’s get to know them better together!

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KCON 2016 LA :: Fundraiser Project

Hello, everyone! ADATB has been getting lots of love lately, and I want to thank everyone for all the support. As you may know, ADATB is all about fans helping out other fans, and part of that is fan projects!

Our first fan project was in November 2015, and we handed out free photocards at Block B‘s LA Concert. We have a series of giveaways right now!

Now that KCON 2016 LA is approaching, I’m happy to announce ADATB‘s 1st Fundraising Project! Sets will be available for BAPBlock B, BTS, CNBLUEInfinite, Monsta X, TWICE, UP10TION, and UNIQ!

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ADATB! Reviews :: Monsta X “The Clan Part. 1 LOST”

Hello, everyone! I’m here with my second album review. This time, I’ll be reviewing Monsta X‘s The Clan Part. 1 LOST. I’m a big fan of Monsta X, so I had to do a review. Feel free to share your thoughts about the comeback with me in the comments!


Monsta X released their 3rd mini album, The Clan Part. 1 LOST, on May 17th after previously revealing their lead single, “Ex Girl” featuring Mamamoo’s Wheein. As a big Monsta X fan, I kept up with all of their teasers and listened to the highlight medley of the album as soon as it was out. I wasn’t impressed by the preview, but my sentiments quickly changed after I listened to the full album!

I’ll be reviewing each song individually, making points about vocals, rap, instrumental, and the overall feeling of the song.

You can also read up on my (super long) theories about the “All In” MV here!

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How to Buy K-pop Concert Tickets


If you’re anything like me, you get stressed out thinking about buying tickets. What if tickets run out? What if the internet crashes? What if technology fails me? I think these things, too. You’re not alone.

Well, since a lot of people are curious about how to be successful at buying tickets, I decided to make this short guide! This should be very helpful for those of you who haven’t purchased tickets on your own before for a K-pop concert, and insightful even if you’ve already done it before.

Tip #1: Know your ticketing sites!

AXS and Ticketmaster are the biggest ticketing sites used in the U.S. However, concert tickets can also be sold through different platforms, such as Powerhouse, Eventbrite, or on the official concert page. Venues have contracts with certain ticket sites, so some venues will use AXS, while others will use Ticketmaster. Double check the official concert page to find out what the official ticketing site is.

Ex) The Microsoft Theater and the Novo (Club Nokia) in LA use AXS.

Tip #2: Make an account!

It’s always nice to have an account on AXS and Ticketmaster, so you don’t have to stress about making one 10 minutes before ticket sales. Register for an account. It’s quick and easy, and they’ll even send you promotional deals to your e-mail or alert you about upcoming events.

Tip #3: Enter your payment info early!

Doing this a few days ahead of ticket sales reduces a lot of stress. Trust me.

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ADATB’s Monthly Playlist :: May 2016’s Top 10

Let’s go down the list, starting from number 10! These are all based on my opinion, so you’re free to disagree. I’m introducing a new segment with this countdown, the “Honorable Mentions!”  I’ll list a few songs that are definitely worth a listen, but didn’t make it to the list. (Organizing these by rank is so hard! I wish I could include all the ones I like.)

Let me know if you enjoyed these songs too!

10. “Nodding (끄떡끄떡)” by WOOHYUN (INFINITE)

Album: Write..

Commentary: If you’re a fan of Woohyun and of ballads, this is the song for you. “Nodding” is an emotion-packed track with a good dynamic of highs and lows. Woohyun’s voice enriches the impact of the song, while inviting you deeper into the lyrics. Even though I don’t listen much to ballads, “Nodding” was memorable and catchy, and suited perfectly for Woohyun’s husky, strong vocals. The cinematography of the music video is spectacular and provides more emotional connectivity to the song. Check it out!

Music Video:

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ADATB! Reviews :: KCON 2015 LA (+Pictures!)

Let’s step in the time machine and flash back to the highlight of my 2015 — KCON LA! Besides my high school graduation, KCON was the best part of the year. I met up with and made lots of new friends and had many once-in-a-lifetime experiences. I even got to meet one of the artists!

We’ll go through last year’s experience to get ourselves ready for the excitement for this year’s event. Excited for this year’s KCON? So am I! KCON 2016 will light up the summer and mark the halfway point of 2016! There will be tons to do and see this year, so let’s review what happened last year to get ourselves excited.

Have you read up on my K-pop Concert Survival Guide and my KCON 101? If you still have any questions, they might be answered here, so let’s get started!

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Critical Analysis :: Monsta X “All In”

If you’re a big Monsta X fan like I am, then you’ve probably watched the music video for “All In” and have a whole list of questions about it. Upon first watch, I was just as confused as you all were. However, after watching it numerous times, I have a few theories about the plotline. Starship Entertainment and the filming team did a wonderful job with crafting the music video and making a subtle plotline that only a close analysis would expose.

On May 18th, boy group Monsta X came back with their third mini album, The Clan Part.1 LOST, the first part of a multi-segment series. Agency representatives expressed motives to tell a story of feelings of hurt and being lost, revealing that extensive planning had gone into the creation of the story. Like many other groups, Monsta X has shifted away from the usual dance-centric music video and towards exciting, story-based short films. The mysterious title of the album, along with video teasers, suggested they would be exploring a more intense, even dystopian theme. As a fan of horror, dystopian themes, and action films, the prospect of Monsta X starring in their own thrilling series increased my anticipation for the music video release.

The music video for “All In” did not fall short of my expectations. Originally, I was dismayed at the prospect of Starship Entertainment putting unnecessary dance cuts in the video, knowing it would deprive the video of a proper storyline. However, to my delight, the video contained no dance scenes and only shots with relevance to the plot, giving the video both flow and sustenance. Every shot mattered and shed more insight into the direction the group was taking with their new concept.

The focus of this analysis will be on the music video, as my commentary about the music will be included in my album review. I’ll go into detail about my plotline theories and the curiosities I have. You are free to disagree, so please share your thoughts with me in the comment section.

I will be discussing my theories as if they are facts, but my theories may or may not be close to the real storyline. This is all based on my conjecture of the plot.

As a creative writer and a film fan, the characterization of Monsta X in the video jumped out to me. The way they were dressed, their interactions with one another, their expressions, and their actions were all indicators to me about how the characters were meant to be portrayed.

The story centers around a group of boys living in a village located in a valley: Shownu, Wonho, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Jooheon, and I.M. All of them are friends and some possibly even siblings.

I apologize for any typos. I didn’t proofread, but I spent a lot of time on this. (~5-6 hours)

Trigger Warning: Abuse, Death, Violence, Drugs, Self-Harm/Suicide

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